Lucky being Lucky​   ···  

"Hey, buddy, look over here…"

Animals can be reluctant subjects, and hardly ever do quite what you want. Some photographers seem never to quite get the hang of how critters operate and behave. Luckily enough, I've got a few of my own who are often willing to be my subjects for my frequent photo studies. Scratch and Lucky are my cats, and Gypsy my German Shepard. A house with critters is a welcoming and lively place.

Scratch napping​   ···  
Lucky perched on the sofa, knowing his impressive looks​   ···  
Gypsy in the backyard​   ···  
Scratch napping​   ···  
​Scratch running to greet me   ···  
Gypsy looks across ​   ···  
Scratch watching​   ···  
Lucky stowing away in my sailing bag​   ···  
Lucky climbing the Christmas tree​   ···  
My friends' cat Syrio, perched in my living room​   ···  
Scratch on the patio sofa​   ···  
Lucky napping on the patio sofa​   ···  
Scratch napping​   ···  
Gypsy, a stick, and my backyard​   ···  
Scratch looking at something​   ···  
Gypsy, almost serious​   ···  
Lucky, in a box​, because cat   ···  
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